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Vaccines and Masks

Hi everyone! Ashton here. I hope that you all are keeping safe and sane as we migrate into a new normal. I want to check-in about the changes that are happening now that vaccines have made their way to a large portion of the population and what that will look like for EnsōMW moving forward into the near future.

As we all have heard between President Biden and NC Governor Cooper, mask mandates are being lifted all around the country. These lifted mandates come with caution and stipulation. Indoor close proximity for extended periods of time is still not considered safe to be without a mask. I updated my COVID-19 restrictions on April 3 and will continue to update them as information and mandates change.

Currently, I am fully vaccinated (Pfizer) which I hope inspires safety and confidence for you when we work together. Regardless of vaccine status (both mine and clientele) I am continuing to require that masks be worn by all parties during services. Countries around the world continue to have surges and variants of the virus that vaccines do not protect against. For the safety of everyone, I believe masks are in our best interest while being in close proximity indoors for extended periods of time.

There are some small changes I have made to make a big impact in comfort. I have started using a pillow case in the face cradle which creates a spacious protective sac underneath the face cradle so that folks no longer have to wear a mask while face down on the table. I also started incorporating aromatherapy in the face cradle to help alleviate any feelings of claustrophobia.

If there are any concerns about safety or comfort please don't hesitate to reach out. I am happy to talk through any questions you might have about my protocol.


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