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Policies and FAQ's

Most of your questions can be answered here.  If you're still curious about something please don't hesitate to reach out directly.


What should I expect at my first appointment?

What to expect ultimately depends on what your goal is.  Generally your first session will consist of an in-depth in-take process that will inquire about your goals and health history followed by your scheduled session.

Will I be sore after my appointment?

This depends on what type of work we do during your session.  Deeper, more specific, work usually results in 1-3 days of moderate soreness.  Everyone's body reacts a little differently so it's not an exact science.  Soreness after intense soft tissue work is a normal response and indicative of the body initiating the acute inflammation process to facilitate healing.

Do you sell gift cards?


A digital eGift card can be purchased here.

A physical gift card can be purchased in office, or over the phone and mailed.

Is my gift card redeemable for cash?

No.  Gift cards have no cash value and may only be used as store credit.

I want to buy a series or membership for a friend/family member.

Series and memberships are attached directly to someone's client profile, the best way to do this is contact me personally.  

Can my child receive a massage?

Yes.  Minors are eligible to receive bodywork as long as a legal guardian signs consent and stays present for the service.



Bodywork is a practice designed to facilitate wellness in our minds, bodies and spirits.  EnsōMW is committed to maintaining a safe space for every person who walks through the door.

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